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What Is An IRS Tax Settlement?

A tax settlement is when a taxpayer settles their tax liabilities through one of the IRS programs/filings. The IRS offers settlements to taxpayers that are struggling with their tax debts or have valid reasons to abate their penalties. The IRS offers several different options for taxpayers to settle their taxes owed. The main factor the IRS takes into consideration when determining if the taxpayer will qualify for a tax settlement is their financial situation. The tax settlement that a taxpayer qualifies for is dependent upon their unique financial situation. The IRS prefers individuals to pay their taxes owed in full, but they will make exceptions for certain circumstances.

How an IRS Settlement Works

The IRS will allow a taxpayer to either negotiate a tax settlement for less than the total amount owed or come to an agreement on another method for the IRS to collect taxes owed over time. For either of these situations the taxpayer must meet the qualifications of one of the tax settlement programs set forth by the IRS. The taxpayer will first have to determine which type of tax settlement they would like to apply for and then submit the appropriate forms to the IRS for review before making a decision. A taxpayer can either fill out the information themselves or they can have a designated tax professional make the filing on their behalf. Once a settlement has been reached by both parties, the taxpayer will be considered good standing with the IRS for the tax year/years that the settlement covered (unless the taxpayer defaults or doesn't hold up to all the terms of the agreement).

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), would prefer to work directly with you the tax payer than through a Tax Settlement Attorney or other provider!

The IRS Like any creditor understands if you have the money to pay a Lawyer or other Settlement Professional then you have the money and/or resources to pay your debt to them!

The IRS is NOT Scary, they are a necessary governmental organization.  The IRS has many programs available to Tax Payers who owe money.  IRS employees are fellow citizens, our neighbors in some cases family members.  There are a number of procedures to help you with an IRS debt, there are even Taxpayer Advocate Services which operate outside of the IRS to help with tax problems that cannot be resolved through the numerous normal IRS channels.

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FUN FACT:  Just to APPLY for an OIC you MUST pay the IRS a $150 filing fee AND 20% of the Offered Settlement Amount!

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